What clients have to say


Angeline Cruz, Creative at CHANEL 

First of all, it was such an eye-opening experience for me! I learned so much that I could not have learned on my own. It went much deeper than just a logo but meaning, how do I want people to feel, etc. 


I’m still to this day obsessed with my logo and my colors and my brand name. It speaks true to who I am and how people will remember me. 


Matt Pittman, Executive producer AT FUNNY OR DIE

Darin has been my go-to brand consultant for nearly a decade.  His ability to think outside the box and create modern brand implementation strategies is exceptional. As a music artist and film producer, Darin has always exceeded my expectations and his work has proven time and time again to connect with my audience and clients. I highly recommended Darin for any creative or personal goals that you are trying to achieve. - Matt Pittman


Sarah U. Interior Designer

Working with Darin was like deep-diving into the questions you didn’t even know you needed to know in order to find yourself or your brand. It brought clarity and excitement and confidence in knowing I wasn’t throwing something together and hoping for the best. The confidence in finding something true and meaningful to myself and allowing the world to see it. 


HIRE DARIN! You want something different you gotta to do something different. Message him ASAP! 


Amara Ononiwu, Coach and creative

My experience was that you cut through the “fun thoughts” to reconnect me to purpose and held a space doe me to decide if I was serving my purpose ultimately. Furthermore, you helped me clarify where I lacked vision and also gave me a possible lens with which to try out viewing what my brand could be. 

  • Amara